Need a Winning Legal Competitor on Your Team?

Need a Winning Legal Competitor on Your Team?

Consult a sports attorney in Salt Lake City, UT

Are you a student athlete who’s facing a criminal charge or university sanctions? Are you in need of strong legal representation?

If so, get in touch with Lazaro Law Group. Skye Lazaro provides student athletes with agile, effective legal assistance both in and out of the courtroom in the Salt Lake City area.

Form a winning game plan

Skye Lazaro of Lazaro Law Group is a go-to attorney for NCAA student athletes. Whether you’re looking for a robust defender during an ongoing investigation or you need legal feedback in regard to your athletic career, you’ll find no better Salt Lake City attorney for the job than Skye Lazaro.

Contact Lazaro Law Group for representation related to:
  • Student code conduct hearings or NCAA investigations
  • Criminal cases related to DUIs, sexual assault and other charges
  • Legal oversight for marketing contracts or overseas sports employment
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