Don’t Let an Ounce Cost You Years

Call a drug crime lawyer in Salt Lake City, Utah

Drug charges carry stiff consequences, including jail time, license revocation and fines. If you’ve been arrested for drug possession, distribution or cultivation, contact a drug crimes lawyer as soon as possible. Lazaro Law Group provides legal services for drug crimes cases in Salt Lake City, Utah. Skye Lazaro is a passionate attorney who will attempt to get your drug charges reduced or eliminated.

Putting a focus on your needs

Lazaro Law Group puts a strong focus on the following types of drug cases:

  • Civil Forfeiture Cases: If you’ve been arrested for possessing or distributing drugs, the police could file for a Civil Forfeiture Case. Your possessions could be confiscated because the police believe you purchased your items illegally using drug money. We’ll work to get your items back. 

  • Drug Distribution: Caught trafficking drugs? There are collateral consequences for drug distribution. Your license could be revoked. You could spend time in jail and pay thousands of dollars in fees. We’ll do everything we can to prevent this from happening. 

Lazaro Law Group assists with other forms of drug charges, including drug possession charges. Call today to discuss your case with a qualified and zealous attorney.